Coffs harbour to Iluka – Yamba

May 10, 2007 0 comments Uncategorized

Chris is on rations today.

It’s a widely known fact that the one person on board you need to stay on the good side of, is the cook. As we were untying today at Coffs Harbour Marina, Chris asked me to let go that thing there. When I failed to correctly identify which thing where and we started drifting forward towards the marina, he expressed his displeasure at the state of affairs rather loudly in my direction.

Once we’d corrected the error, left the marina and I’d finished sulking, he apologised. But it was too late, the crew (i.e ME) had already voted in a new boat rule; Rule No. 356; which states ” he or she who upsets the cook, doesn’t eat for 24 hours”. Hey, I know its harsh but rules are rules! A few hours later I realsied he needed at least a little food to be able to sail the boat, so its dry bread and water until tomorrow.

We left Coffs early this morning after a really nice chill out day there. On the breakwater there are these huge cranes putting in 10 ton, 3 cubic meter concrete blocks to fill a holethat has been washed away, a small hole it is not, a guy in the pub told us they had put 24 of them in so far and there were 200 more to go. You should see the size of these things, how do they wash away in the first place!

We are now on our way to Yamba, 50 miles NE of Coffs. We have a 15kt southerly and are averageing 7kts – noice! Oh and in case your are wondering, the cook, crew and general dogsbodies of the lower orders (all ME) had a yummy tomato soup with fresh bread for lunch. Everyoone else (i.e Chris) had tank water and the crusts from yesterdays loaf.


We are now anchored at Iluka and I need to tell you that Captain Bligh is off rations…and by that I don’t mean he’s getting normal food, he’s getting no food! This afternoon while the good captain was napping, I switched the autopilot on and popped below to do a fix (It’s a navigating term Mom..very different to the more commonly known street term, get a fix) Whle I was below, the auto pilot decided to switch itself off and KAT rounded up into the wind. The ensuing discussion with ‘he who must be obeyed’ has resulted in more sulking (me) and less food (him). Only fair I think, as rile 356 has the as yet unpublished addendum;’ the cook has a right to be upset at any stage, even if she is at fault!!!”

truthfully though it was a pretty cool day, best thing was our speed 9.7kts, and the yummy beef stroganoff I’m having for dinner while Captain Bligh rows to the pub for a steak sandwich!!!

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