Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour

May 9, 2007 0 comments Uncategorized

We found the wind!!!!!!!!!! But it was strong and from the wrong direction. Shortly after I finished writing my last post the wind picked up to an unforecast 25kt NNE. Good I hear you say – they wanted wind…..Nope, the only problem with this wind is it was coming from the direction we were heading. And the sailors amongst you know that means lots of tacking, in lumpy seas….with just two of us! It was fine, KAT is such a comfy boat she took it in her stride, but it was my first expereince of helming in strongish winds, so Chris did most of it to begin with. After I got more comfortable we did half an hour on, half an hour off.

Our dreams of happy hour drinks at Coffs Harbour Yacht Club disappeared as we headed back south on every port tack adding quite a few miles to our journey, but it was still great sailing. Finally at 9pm we entered Coffs Harbour, we had thought of anchoring outside the marina, but one look at the swell told us that it would be a most uncomfortable night after a long day. So we turned into the first berth we could see at the marina and it was lights out! No problems sleeping last night I can tell you, someone could have picked KAt up with a crane and put her on the slip and I wouldn’t even have noticed. See – a hard days work is good for banishing all types of worries.

As a result of our long day yesterday and the continuing strong NNE we decided to stay in Coffs today and relax. Theres a southerly due tonight which is sticking around for a few days – so expect to see us make huge progress when we head off tomorrow morning….

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