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Well…the snorkelling at Lady Musgrave was a bit of a disappointment, becuase we didn’t get to do it. As explained previously Lady Musgrave is a coral lagoon 40 miles offshore, and so very exposed to trade winds. During the night the wind picked up (despite Chris’s assurances that the wind always dies at night!) and we had a very restless night taking turns checking the anchor. Dragging anchor is one thing, dragging onto a coral reef means bye bye boat. Of course we didn’t budge, but it was too rough to snorkel the next day and it wasn’t worth sitting there watching the anchor, so we upped and left and headed for Pancake Creek 35 miles away. There were about 10 yachts in the lagoon and everyone had the same idea – nobody was staying put for another night!

We had a fabulous days sailing, 25kts from the southeast meant a comfy and fast downwind sail. Chris bought me a surfboard last year and I’ve been a bit slow to learn to surf, but I learned today on a 50ft surf board! I had the best experience steering KAT as she surfed down waves, she goes great in those conditions.

We got to Pancake Creek at 2pm and went exploring on land to find a dry mangrove swamp – it was really eerie, all these ghostly grey mangrove stumps sticking out of dry black mud! Pretty cool though. We were due to head for Cape Capricorn the next day 50 miles away. We planned to be there by early afternoon to celebrate my birthday in a nice calm anchorage……you know what they say about the best laid plans………

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