Things that go uuurrggghh eeegggh in the night….

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I woke up screaming the other night……… was a shock for everyone on board, me especially. I thought I had completely gotten over my night worries; lots of hours of sea air pretty much knock you out at night. But on Monday night, while we were anchored outside Urangan, the wind picked up after we went to bed. Do you know how many noises a boat can make at night? Each one sounds like the end of the world. First there was “the chain rattle“, I was sure we were dragging so I was up and out, nope not dragging..,so back to bed, settle down, all warm and snug . Next there is the “creeaak, creeeak“, up again – this time it’s the shackle on the topping lift, tighten that up – back to bed. Next is my particular favourite – the “urrrghh eeehhh“. Up again – no idea what that is – so back to bed.

With Chris snoring away – I reckon I’m being silly so I fall into a fitful sleep, aware of the bow slapping on the slight swell. Next thing I know the boat is jerking violently from side to side and half asleep I started straight up and screamed……… was a ferry going past. Poor Chris – I think I almost gave him a heart attack. It’s not my fault – you don’t have these worries in a flat – it has foundations which anchor it fairly firmly, any creaks and groans are long established and very familiar. But if you were to reposition that flat every day and have it move around constantly all night then you’d wake up screaming too.

Anyway it was a very tired crew that left Urangan early the next morning. Bound for Bundaberg a mere 40 miles away. We had a lovely sail – 15 kts from the east, and a huge treat – shortly after we left the last shoals of the great sandy straits behind us, we saw four Dugongs. Every time we see any wildlife on this trip we are hugely impressed , but to see the Dugongs was so special, we were both speechless.

We pulled into the fabulous Port Bundaberg Marina on Tuesday afternoon, and much to my delight as we were pulling into our berth other yachties around came out and took our lines and tied us on. Which meant I didn’t have to do the suicide leap from the deck onto the marina while the boat was still going full throttle – hate that – KAT’s a big boat – it’s a good metre to jump. Chris always tells me that you never jump off a boat you step off….rubbish….a big close your eyes and go for it with ropes in hand is necessary every time…..

If you travel this way – this marina is one of the best we’ve come across – but it’s 14kms out of Bundaberg so we had to stay over the next day so we could reprovision. After a morning in town, I settled down with my book while Chris changed into his alter-ego, Kenny the poo guy ( if you haven’t seen the movie – get it out and you’ll know what I’m talking about) the heads were playing up again and he had to fix a poo pump. I have to say – he’s pretty versatile. Think of it – you move into a house and almost immediately – you have to put your head into the sewer to figure out how the poo is going from A to B. Then the stove gives up – so you put on your gasfitter outfit, stick your head in the stove and fix that. And just as you are sitting down for a coffee the missus tells you that there’s a strange whiny noise coming from the power board, so you pick up your electricians hat and fix that……’d move out the next day wouldn’t you…but that’s boats. As he says, he’s not cruising; just going from job to job…

Once Chris had done all of his chores we headed out of Bundaberg to Lady Musgrave Island, a coral cay 50 miles offshore. It’s stunning, a little island and a lagoon surrounded by a huge coral reef. We had intended on getting here at enough light too see all the coral as we made our way through the narrowest channel (apparently it was blasted through the reef in the 1800’s so people could farm the guana (I.e bird poo) on the island. ) but it was getting low in the sky so we made our way as quickly as we could to a sandy anchorage in the lagoon. As a result we can’t wait until the morning – so we can get on our snorkelling gear and explore, will let you know how we go…

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