Greetings from the Wetsundays!!

June 25, 2007 0 comments Uncategorized

The weather hasn’t improved much so we’ve spent most of the past week hanging out in Airlie. There’s not much point going out to the islands when we can’t snorkel or even see the Islands for that matter! The upside is we have been doing plenty of socialising. Because we were spending so much time on the boat (sheltering from the rain..) Chris bought me a chess set on our last trip to the shops, I’ve always wanted to play and what better time than now! On our way back from the shops we discovered that the tide had gone out and left the dinghy high and dry. Rather than trudge across mud to get to it we retired to the nearby yacht club, ordered a couple of drinks and settled down for the first chess lesson. It wasn’t long before we had an audience, mostly locals who kept offering me advice on how to play. And soon, I was demoted to audience as one guy offered to play Chris (I’m proud to say he won!). It took about four games and as many drinks before we were able to get back to the boat.

The good thing about being weather bound in port is that everyone else we have met along the way is too, so we’ve been making lots of social calls on the other cruising boats. Cups of tea and plenty of chatter about where we are all going when the weather clears is usually the order of the day. Most boats are planning to wait the weather out as it really can’t last much longer ( rain and heavy winds are very unusual at this time of year), some however are planning to head further north by the end of the week if it doesn’t improve, these are people who are heading to PNG and beyond so it’s unlikely we’ll cross paths with them again.

On Friday, the big day dawned, we were finally going to up anchor and move on….Chris’s parents were arriving at Hamilton Island on Saturday morning so we were going to anchor over there for the duration of their holiday. It took us ages to get the anchor up – it had been dug into the mud at Airlie for so long. So we bashed to windward for about three hours and dropped the pick in Cid Harbour for the night. Well – the weather was wild!! I was back to my usual tricks of up every 5 minutes to check the anchor….no need as usual! The next day we headed for Hamilton, anchored in the channel and went in to meet Chris’s parents. We had a lovely day but another restless night in a very bumpy channel. So the next day a big decision was made (i.e. I decided we needed to have at least one restful nights sleep) so we headed into the marina and here we are staying for the week. We are having a great time with Chris’s parents and enjoying all that Hamilton Island Resort has to offer, now if only the sun would come out……………

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