Shore Party

June 17, 2007 0 comments Uncategorized

Well, as you know we were back in Airlie because the weather was windy and pretty gloomy. So the good Captain decided we might as well have a night out. After all, it was roast night at the Yacht Club and the State of Origin was on. I was delighted – despite being on holiday – we haven’t been out too much and the opportunity to change from Grotty Yachtie back into Shore Girl was way too good to miss.

I’ve discussed my standards of dress before – but they are getting worse. For example, I used to have thirty pairs of shoes – now I have three; my day to day thongs ( pretty grotty from jumping out of the dinghy into mud and wearing them in the shower), my good thongs – same as the other pair but clean and new and only ever put on my feet when I’m safely ashore and my seaboots (less said about them, the better!). My only decent pair of shorts now have bleach spots on them and I haven’t worn make up since we left Sydney.

So armed with an opportunity to go out, I warned Chris I’d need an hours notice and I headed for the shower. We are pretty lucky to have a shower on board, but we are on tank water so showers are of the 1 minute variety ( I am now well trained for any further water restrictions in Sydney!).

Not tonight though – I was going to be Shore Girl!! So I proceeded to use half a tank of water, and all of the shower gel. I styled my hair (took a while to get the knots out!), put on makeup (loads of mascara!), clean jeans, a snazzy little top, my going out thongs, cute little dangly earrings and I even put on perfume! Well, even if I say so myself I was bloody gorgeous. We hopped into the dinghy for the 5 minute drive to the club and I was feeling pretty good! Now you may remember that we were in port because the weather was awful – had I remembered this I probably wouldn’t have spent so much time on my hair…by the time we got to the yacht club through the waves and the 25kt winds, my jeans were salt encrusted, I was freezing in my pretty little top, one of my dangly earrings had flown off and my mascara was flowing down my cheeks. The hair now resembled a birds nest and to top at all when we got to the club the tide was out – so I had to hop out of the dinghy straight into a big patch of mud – leaving one of the going out thongs wedged there when I lifted my foot! I turned to Chris practically in tears and he sensibly said – don’t you look pretty! – while desperately trying not to laugh. So much for my transformation!!!

Despite all that, the night was a success, the roast was yummy, the footy was good and Chris won a meat tray in the raffle!

At the moment in Airlie, the National Powerboat Championships are on, so we went to have a look at the boats yesterday as they were lifted by crane into the water. We took some great photos and today will have a ringside view of the proceedings as they will be racing past where we are anchored. Later on we are going to a barbecue at the lagoon with some other cruising sailors that we meet in Bundaberg and Yeppoon and who are also hanging out here waiting for the weather to clear; I may not get too dressed up though…lesson learned!!

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