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At midday, Monday June 4th, the good ship KAT and her crew finally arrived at Airlie. A mere 33 days since she set out from Sydney. We think its a new record! For the last leg of the trip we had Laura on board. Laura learned to sail with us at The Big Blue and when she came to us first she was nervous of being on the Manly Ferry when it was rolling. Well, how this girl has changed, she was steering with one hand (and at one stage her feet), drinking a cup of tea and having a chocolate biccy while powering down waves! What a girl! We are so proud….

We had a great sail to Shaw Island, the first of the Whitsundays, it was raining a bit so we didn’t opt for swims, just chilled out and admired the view. The next day we did a short hop to Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island, a beautiful place and really really quiet. We went for an explore on the island and then swam in the beautiful green sparking sea. It was absolutley silent and we were all chilling out on deck enjoying the peace, when suddenly we could hear the huge rumble of big engines, a huge motor yacht anchored right alongside us with generators going all night. Laura wanted to go over in the dinghy and tell them to turn off the noise – but she reckoned they were bigger than us and might ignore her.. Despite that we had a great night in Cid and left the next morning for our final run into Airlie.  We are thrilled to be here after a leisurely sail up the coast. And its time now to recount a few statistics of our trip.

Myths told by the Captain to get the hostess to go on the trip 5; 1. The wind always dies at night 2. There is no swell in Queensland 3. There is no swell in the whitsundays 4. It doesn’t rain in Queensland 5. I’ll take you to the tropics for your birthday

Meals cooked by the Hostess: 99

Meals eaten by the Hostess: 99

Meals eaten by the Captain: 54

Times Captain had to row ashore to get his own dinner: 45

Guests on board: 7

Guests who didn’t want to get off: 7

Beers consumed: 77

Casks of wine consumed: 5

Dolphins sighted: hundreds

Whales sighted: 1

Anchor Checks done by the hostess in the middle of the night: 88

Anchor checks that actually needed to be done by the hostess in the middle of the night: 0

Adjustments made to address strange rattling noises in the middle of the night by Micheal Troy: 37

Days of fantastic sailing and amazing times: 33

We are now available for charter in the whitsundays during June and July so come and join us….

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