What a beach!

June 8, 2007 0 comments Uncategorized

Well! The things you learn when you travel! Here we are in the famous town of Airlie Beach, where I have discovered much to my surprise, that Airlie Beach doesn’t actually have a beach! It has a 20m spit of sand at low tide and a very snazzy manmade lagoon where all the backpackers sunbathe on the grass. So why is it called Airlie “Beach” then? IS it because  all of the places in town have been called, beachside cafe and the Beach Bar and beach view restaurant, Am I missing something here? (Besides the beach?)

Anyway – we’ve been have a great time in Airlie. We are anchored off the Whitsundays Sailing Club and have been going ashore most days. We had a great surprise on our first night here, our friends Richard and Veronica who had done the first leg out of Sydney with us were here for a few days holiday. So we had a welcoming committee – we were thrilled to see them! We had quite the party to celebrate our arrival.

The weather has been pretty gloomy since we got here. We still have those strong southerlys and lots of rain. The rain may not be great for our holiday enjoyment but it is headline news here. Its the first significant rain Queensland has had since 2004. It was due to stop tomorrow but we woke up today to blue skies…..nice for us but tough for the farmers who were hoping it would stay a bit longer.

Airlie is backpacker central, everywhere you look there are bars, tours, hostels. It’s a real party town. Chris has his heart set on going to the foam party and entering the jelly wrestling competition ($500 prize!), but seeing as they don’t start until after midnight..his chances of making them are slim! Anyway – I’m not sure if they’d let a 30-something(!) year old skipper join in the Jelly Wrestling with 20 year old swedish backpackers….I think they have rules against that sort of thing. He’ll have to content himself with happy hour at the yacht club with the other old salts!

There’s a boat show on here at the weekend that Chris wants to go to and after that we’ll probably head out to explore some of the islands, now that the sun has come out, the snorkelling should be good!

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