Here comes the sun!

July 4, 2007 0 comments Uncategorized

We headed off to Hamilton Island through the pouring rain, to meet Chris’s parents. We anchored off the Island on the first night and went in on the dinghy to meet them, but the forecast and the weather were still rotten and sick of getting wet and rolling around in the wind and swell we decided to treat ourselves to a week in the marina for the duration of their visit.

We had a great time despite the weather, lunch out and lots of afternoon tea etc.. when finally on the wednesday a strange light appeared in the sky, we didn’t immediatley recognise it but the locals said it was something called the sun trying to break through. And sure enough after three weeks of gloom, the skies turned blue and we had to get the sunnies and the shorts back out!  We decided to make the most of the day in case the sun disappeared again and headed off to Whitehaven beach for the day – it was stunning and wonderful to be out and about at long last! The next day we headed back to Airlie with Chris’s Dad, Frank to do some food shopping as we were expectign more guests the next day. Chris’ sister Liz, her husband Paul and their two kids Jack and Kate were joining us on Friday for a week.

The sun continued to shine so we spent Friday lazing by the pool at Hamilton Island Resort and then on Saturday morning we said goodbye to Chris’s parents and headed back out to Whitehaven. Plenty of opportunity for sunbathing, swimming and cricket on the beach! The next day we headed for Langford Reef, Chris and I were dying to take the kids snorkelling and show them all the Coral and fish. We headed off with our snorkels and fins and before long I spotted a small turtle about 2 foot long swimming below us, I beckoned Chris over and the two of us were watching  fish cleaning the turtle when suddenly Chris started gesturing and pointing straight below me I looked down to find that I was floating about a foot above the biggest turtle I have ever seen – seriously he was about a meter long and nearly as wide – he was just sitting there on the ocean floor watching us! I went in to shore and brought Jack out to see him, he screamed with excitement when he caught sight of him – not many 7 year olds get to have that experience!

After a pretty cool morning, we headed off to Blue Pearl Bay where we had heard there were lots of fish to see. It was amazing – there were hundreds of them of every size and shape, even Kate who’s six got in on the excitement and was thrilled to see them. Once we had finished our snorkelling – we retired to KAT for sunset drinks and while, we were sitting on deck we got treated to a display of a Mother and two baby whales jumping in and out of the water about half a mile away. What a day – I’m not sure if the kids or the adults were more excited!

While grown-ups love to laze about on deck sunbaking and reading, boats get pretty boring and small after a while for kids so we decided to come back to Airlie and let the kids run wild at Airlie Beach Lagoon for the day, work off some of that excess energy!! We’ll head back to the Islands tomorrow and who knows what we’ll see next. This is the life, sunshine, blue skies, clear water, good company!!!!

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