Shore Leave

July 27, 2007 0 comments Uncategorized

We have been on-board KAT almost three months now and Chris came up with a great way of celebrating, we had a day out on land. We hired a car for the day and headed off to explore Queensland – or rather the little bit of it around the Whitsundays. What a beautiful place. We headed first to Shute Harbour – just down the road – becuase we needed to go to the chandlery to pick up a few bits (namely a fuel cap as we had dropped ours in the sea at our last refuelling stop).  I have to say the journey was a little hair raising at first – we are used to travelling at 10kts maximum an hour and more usually its 4! To be in a car after months of slow pace had me gripping my seat – even though we were travelling at a relatively sedate 60kms.

We covered a lot of ground during the day – visiting Cedar Creek Falls – stunning – except for the fact that there were no actual falls more of a trickle, but still a beautiful spot. We had lunch in Proserpine, a small market town, surrounded by Cane Fields and the location of a huge sugar mill. We learnt a little bit about how they harvest sugar cane etc…and drove on to Bowen. They recently filmed part of Baz Luhrmanns new movie “Australia” in Bowen and as we drove in – high on the hill the town had painted Bowenwood in huge letters on a water tank. Unfortunately for us all the movie stars had left but we still had a great time – Bowen is like a town where no time has passed – huge old federation buildings and tiny shops, oh and they have a giant mango! We drove on a bit and checked out some local beaches, beautiful – its exactly like the whitsundays but deserted!

After a great day out we headed back to the Whitsunday Sailing Club for a few drinks and dinner to round off the day where we met two lovely people, Dave and Lindor who were in Airlie hoping to buy a boat – we had a great chat with them and guys if you are reading this – we hope you found a suitable boat and we’ll see you on the water some time.

All in all a pretty cool day out…

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