The Windsundays!

July 24, 2007 0 comments Uncategorized

Tempted by an escape from a cold Sydney winter our firends Tim and Sara decided to come and visit for a few short days. As they were flying into Hamilton, Chris and I decided to head over that way the night before and stay in nearby Cid Harbour. Our CD player hasn’t been working too well so on the way over Chris decided to have a go at fixing it. He was successful and we arrived in to Cid blasting out Motorheads ”Ace of Spades” just on sunset,  ruining a perfectly romantic moment for the other boats that were there enjoying the serenity!

We picked up Tim and Sara the next morning, we were thrilled to see them, and headed off to Whitehaven. Now, since the rain stopped a few weeks ago we have been experiencing balmy days, no wind and lovely temperatures but as soon as Tim and Sara arrived the wind started blowing 30kts.  We were a bit disappointed for them as it was pretty chilly, but they didn’t seem to mind as we had a great few days circumnavigating the Whitsundays – KAT goes really fast in a strong wind! We even managed to get some snorkelling in – the water was surprisingly warm – it was just really, really cold when we got out.  We sadly said goodbye to them on Sunday after a great few days and headed back to Airlie – again in 30kt winds – our fastest ever trip – the normal three hour journey was completed in half the time. The wind is still blowing but is due to die down over the next few days and joy oh joy, the temperatures are starting to creep up. We’ve been in a lovely 18 -20 degrees most of the time but the forecast is for 23-25, now where did I put my bikini…….

We’ve finally put some more photos up in the gallery by the way..have a look under Whitsundays

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