The Kat ROARS!!!!!

August 15, 2007 0 comments Uncategorized

We’ve had the most amazing week – and it’s not over yet! As I write the Kat Crew are sitting around the saloon at 7pm at night all yawning and considering sleep. Thats a good measure of how good this week has been. Last Thursday our crew of Neil, Janene and Rebecca joined us, all ready for a good week at the races! We had two more crew due to join us later in the week, (Tricia and Lou) in the meantime we had two crew to fill in – the wonderful Geoff and Celia. We also had our new kite (brand new spinnaker kindly donated by Keith from Time Lord) so we were ready.

Our first mistake may have been the “getting to know you”  session in the Yacht Club on the Thursday Night – there was a lot of rum and coke consumed and we were all a little woolly headed in the morning – thankfully we had a 11.30am start but not thankfully we had really light wind. KAT is a heavy boat – she needs wind to get going, so in 7kts – she went nowhere, despite the fabulous work of the crew.  We came 17th on day one, then the wind got lighter and lighter so after 3 days racing we had nothing to report except a finishing place of dead motherless last and post- race antics of the crew …….  you know the saying – what goes on the boat, stays on the boat, but I have to report that one of our crew did drunkenly attempt to pat a police dog during a bar raid and found herself subject to a full search – purely for saying – nice doggy!!!

Monday was lay-day, no racing. Fed up with the slowness of the boat and the bad result the crew decided to try and take as much weight out of the boat as possible.  So we unloaded all the grog onto the dock and you’ll never guess what happened – our very next race on Tuesday – we came FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It helped that there was a lot of wind too! Our prize was two bottles of rum, and dedicated to the cause we decided not to put it on the boat but to drink it there and then (we are professionals). There were two results from this – the next morning complete strangers were walking down the dock – yelling out – “go KAT Crew – you guys can dance!!!!!!” or “KAT crew won’t be able to do it today!”, the second was – that despite our hangovers – we were determined not to shame ourselves, we raced hard and came a hard won second!!! Go the KAT!!!

Hence we are all on board and ready for bed early tonight, we are past exhausted and tomorrow is our last race at Airlie, so we are determined to do the Kitty Kat proud; as one of our crew said today – “lets make her roar!!!”

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