Whales Ahoy!!

August 8, 2007 0 comments Uncategorized

We’ve just had the most amazing week. Brett and Richard came to join us for 9 days holiday. We quickly renamed them Aqua Man and Marine Boy, becuase these guys love everything to do with water. We left Airlie and on our way to Blue Pearl for our first snorkel Brett mentioned he’d love to see some whales. Just as Chris was explaining that there were some but they could be hard to spot, Richard says – like those ones over there? It was a group of about 5 whales playing about 200m away. As we sat there watching them we could here this big noise behind us – and there were another three coming to join in the action. That pretty much set the scene for the entire week. As I mentioned the guys love the water so we stopped to snorkel at every opportunity. At one stage Chris was dropping them off in the dinghy at a snorkelling point and there was a whale only meters away! The guys snorkelled twice a day and saw stingrays, manta rays, batfish, even a shark. Chris and I snorkelled too and the best part for us was seeing a Giant Maori Wrasse. As we came into a mooring, Brett pointed at a shape in the water and said to Chris – theres a bit of coral there watch out, Chris had a look and said – that’s no coral – thats a fish. We had a look and sure enough it was the maori wrasse come over to say hello. We all got in the water, he was really friendly, so much so that when I got in he came right up to me, I jumped straight back out again I got such a fright. But I went back in – after he’s used to snorkellers he wasn’t going to harm us – I decided to swim a little bit away from him becuase I was a bit nervous, but he followed me – all around the boat! He was beautiful, all green/blue/gold irradescent colurs. We saw thousands of fish that day – certainly the best snorkel we had. Another highlight was when we were sailing to Hamilton and a whale breached right beside us – he came completly out of the water – it has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. The rest of the time we filled in with a little sailing (there was hardly any wind), a lot of sunbaking and lots of balmy evenings with sunset drinks on the deck, we had a fabulous time. We sadly said goodbye to the guys on Sunday and turned our thoughts toward the upsoming race week. KAT doesn’t have a spinnaker so we had borrowed one but it turned out to be way too big for the boat – just as Chris and I were sitting on deck in the marina discussing this problem, this guy from New Zealand came up to us. He was on a boat similar to ours and had just arrived and had come over for a chat. Eventually we told him about our spinnaker problem and he said “I have a new one that I’m not going to use – you guys can have it” Just like that!! We had known him for all of about five minutes. Needless to say we took him up on his kind offer and in exchange for a bottle of rum we now have a brand new kite!! Bring on the racing!! It’s now wednesday and we are getting pretty excited. Everyone has started to arrive from Sydney and there are lots of familiar faces around – we can’t wait to get our crew on and get racing on Friday! Its going to be a busy few weeks so just in case I don’t get to write about how we are going you can check for yourselves on for the results from this Friday to the following Friday and for the Hamilton Island Race Week results the following week. We are in Cruising Spinnaker Division, look out for us in the pictures too, the boat is KAT, our sail number is 6215 and we will be flying a spinnaker with the sail number 8319 and Enterprize Steel on it (thanks to our new friend!) And its not too late to join us you know – I still have spaces………

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