New Adventures at Manly Sailing

September 13, 2009 0 comments Uncategorized

We have been a bit remiss in posting news over the past year. Mainly because we’ve been out on the water having a fantastic time with our fabulous customers.

After a great winter trip last year we settled back into a Sydney summer full of long balmy days on beautiful Sydney harbour. Over this past summer we’ve worked with some great companies organising team building events , client entertainments and staff parties. And what a way to do it!

We also have had some fabulous occasions with lots of our customers choosing to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and romantic moments aboard our boats. We’ve even had a wedding this year with Manly Sailing owners Chris and Anne getting married in March…..

So before we knew it summer had come to a close and it was time head off on some more tropical adventures. This year we took the beautiful Beneteau 50 KAT back to Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island to race around the Whitsundays once more.

The boat departed on August 1 arriving in Airlie Beach on the morning of August 13th – just in time for the start of race week. (They could have been there the day before but decided to stop off at one of the islands for swims and general relaxation! Why not!)

As the delivery crew started to prepare the boat for racing, the rest of the race crew started to arrive, fresh from a wintery Sydney straight into an exceptionally warm winters day in Airlie Beach. Our crew were Rebecca, Matt, Rod, Laura, Helen, Jane and of course Anne & Chris. This year we had a fabulous new addition to the team, Rod’s wife Megan chose not to sail, preferring instead to indulge in all that Airlie had to offer and act as our shore crew. And wow did she get voted best shore crew ever, as we docked each day after the race there she was with food, champagne, moistened wipes for the sweaty smelly crew. Because sweaty and smelly we were , we had our usual glorious technicolour tropical shirts, each day was 25 -30 degrees, not much wind and the shirts were not very breathable!!! But we looked good!

A fabulous weeks racing ensued. For the first three days little or no wind meant slow races for KAT as she is a heavy boat but we did our best to keep her going and didn’t disgrace ourselves at all. And then came the wind and with it a FIRST PLACE for the Manly Sailing Crew. Wow the crew worked hard that day and greatly deserved the prize of a bottle of rum. We kept up the pace for the next few days and finished a tidy 4th overall. And so after a last night of celebration accompanied by the sounds of the Wolverines in the regatta tent we start to pack up to make our way to Hamilton Island for the next adventure….

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