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School Holiday Camps


3 day camp We really believe that outdoor activities are good for kids and taking the kids sailing out on the water makes it even better as they get fresh air and learn new skills at the same time. Another important thing is that they make new friends as they are having lots of fun and that is just a few reasons to why we run sailing camps during the school holidays. We asked the kids and their parents what they liked most about the camp and we are very happy with the response that [...]

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Teenage Sailing


Fun, Exciting & Adventurous As a parent, you probably recognise yourself in the parental situation when your kids are growing too quickly and suddenly they are not interested in playgrounds, outdoor activities and games anymore and you are feeling confused how to engage them from here. Because if we don’t take action and give the kids a push in the right direction at this stage, they might end up spending hours in front of their laptops or smart phones and that is just not ideal for anyone’s health. At that time, many of you are probably thinking of things [...]

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