Five Unique Things to Do in Manly


Manly is a beautiful coastal suburb that sits on the northern shores of Sydney Harbour. It attracts thousands of visitors each year with its picturesque scenery, impressive coastline, and a wide range of activities on offer. If you're looking for something unique to do in Manly, here are some suggestions: 1. Explore Manly Cove's Secret Beaches  Many visitors miss out on the secret beaches of Manly Cove, which are beautiful secluded spots that are just waiting to be discovered. Collins Flat Beach is one hidden gem, accessible only by walking through a bush trail. Its secluded location makes it [...]

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Dolphin Chasers O’pen Skiff Regatta


Congratulations to our talented sailors from Manly for their brilliant performances at the Dolphin Chaser regatta (the NSW O'pen Skiff Championships) on the 5-6 November at Mannering Park. Gold fleet: Toby (who finished sixth in the fleet), Jamie, Aneya, Danielle, Henry Silver fleet: Fred (who finished second in the fleet), Hannah, William, Callum Laser fleet:  Ollie (who finished first in the fleet, winning 4 out of his 8 races). Stay tuned for the next big event in the O'pen Skiff racing calendar, held right here on site at the Manly Yacht Club. The Manly Cup, on the 3rd and 4th December, [...]

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Start Small, Think Big


Five ways to help the environment from your home and local community Here at Manly Sailing we’ve been watching the bushfires unfold across this beautiful country with a very heavy heart. The impact upon people’s homes and lives has been catastrophic, and the animals and wildlife are in drastic need of urgent help. Whilst it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, we think this is the perfect opportunity to start making some changes to protect the environment. As a small business, and part of such a vibrant local community, we know the importance of thinking and acting locally! [...]

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Whale Watching


Whale Watching Have you ever wanted to witness these majestic animals sore out of the water, they travel just off the coast of Sydney from May through to November. We recommend going out on a cruise as soon as possible to watch these animals travel north. Manly Sailing is offering you three distinctly different experiences to choose from Ocean Extreme, Champagne Sailing and Harbourcat three different boats offering three different experiences. Book Today on Manly Sailing for an unforgettable experience . BOOK A SPOT

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Summer Holiday Camps


Wow, what a start of the new year! We've had more than a hundred kids joining us between three 3-day camps this month. The response that we got from the kids were that they really enjoyed learning to sail, including theory and exercises such as rigging, derigging, capsizing, turtling, follow the leader etc. and most important of all, they made so many new friends which is so fun for us to see! This time, we decided to offer two camps depending on the kids previous sailing experience. The intention was to challenge the more experienced kids and further [...]

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Halloween Session


Trick or Treat? We just wanted to show you how much fun we are having at our sailing lessons! Especially since it was Halloween last week and we took the kids sailing, then went to a beach for some exercises, games and an exciting Treasure hunt. Enjoy the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seZKCWLt_OQ

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Protect Our Oceans


Our water is important Manly is located on Sydney’s northern beaches and is known for its beautiful beaches. The popular beach suburb is surrounded by water and therefore, Manly Sailing appreciate the ocean so much, because what would our sailing be like if there was no water? Actually, our planet is covered by 71% water and more specifically, our meaningful oceans hold about 96.5% of all this water. Whether we use our oceans to swim, snorkel, dive, surf, paddleboard, drive boats or sail, we expect the water to be clean. But why is it actually important to [...]

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