Dare to Cure Challenge

Finn our enterprising CEO recently took part in a Dare to Cure challenge, were CEO’s around Sydney raise money for charity by completing a range of dares. In other years Finn has walked on glass and walked on fire, all funds raised at this event went to cancer research. Finn as you may know also supports other charities in his work at Manly Sailing, we have previously worked with causes such as Soldier On and Miss Adventure. This year we are working on kayaking event to raise funds for Headspace.

You will be excited to hear that this year Finns dare was an eating challenge, you might think this was particularly easy compared to walking on glass and fire let me assure you it wasn’t. The first part of the dare consisted of eating the World’s Hottest Chili as declared by the Guinness World Records in 2013. The Carolina Reaper Chilli which measures 1,569,300 scoville units compare this to your Jalapeno which measures a miniscule 3,500 units. This chilli has been known to make a person cry, Finn put on a brave face left the event and cried on his return to the office. The second part of the challenge was to eat the delicious Century Egg, which hasn’t been fermenting for quite a century only a few months. The egg is placed in a mixture of clay, ash, salt and quicklime giving it a glorious ammonia esc smell. Finn washed this all down with a spoonful of crickets and chickens feet.

All in all this event raised $550,000 to go towards cancer research.