2 Hour guided kayak tour

Two hour Clearview Kayak Tour, we will kayak to the pristine Reef Beach across the iconic Manly Cove. Once we arrive at Reef Beach it’s a short guided walk up to Dobroyd Head to visit the lookout point. This lookout will offer you a panoramic view of Sydney Harbour taking in one of the most breathtaking harbours in the world. We will then head back to Reef Beach for a swim and snorkel, before paddling back to Manly Sailing.

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4 Hour guided kayak tour

Four hour Clearview Kayak Tour, we will first head out to Reef Beach then begin our guided walk up to Dobroyd Head lookout point. After the guided walk we will snorkel at Reef Beach, then paddle over to Quarantine Beach following the coast line down to the secluded Store Beach for a swim and snorkel. Then around to Collins flat beach for more snorkelling then a paddle back to Manly Sailing. For those guests who may be a little paddled out, we can arrange a tow. This experience offers guests a guided tour of the beautiful Manly Cove visiting some of the best beaches in northern Sydney

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Romantic Clearview Kayak tour with secluded beach picnic

A romantic Crystal Kayak experience, this will be a four-hour experience with a picnic (we will set up picnic with an umbrella, towels and chairs beforehand). We will let the you customise this experience, pre ordering the picnic and choosing the extras you would like, such as a selection of Cheeses, Charcuterie, Romantic Message in the sand, Rose Petals & Strawberries with an option for Champagne (Offering Laurent-Perrier La Cuvèe).  This romantic setting will be on the secluded Store Beach with snorkelling equipment and dry bag provided. This tour will be directed by the you and can be customised to your liking.  If you are paddled-out after lunch we can arrange a tow back to Manly Sailing,  should you wish. All can be arranged beforehand and set up in advance.

Get in touch – PH (02) 9977 4000

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What you need to know

You are likely to get a little wet so dress accordingly, we recommend wearing shoes when in the kayak as there is always some walking involved. You can go barefoot in the kayak. We recommend bringing some water along, why not also bring some snacks, Sunscreen is a must in those warm Manly days.

We hire our crystal kayaks from 9am to 6pm everyday.

Kayaks are picked up and dropped off at Manly Sailing in Manly Yacht Club.

Children between 4 and 8 go with one adult in a single kayak or with two adults in a double
Children 8-10 years of age can head out on a double with one adult
Children 10+ can head out on their own but with adult supervision

If you are having a great day out on the water and wish to come back later give us a call and we will see what we can do (Dry bags for your phone can be bought or hired before you head out). If you do stay out longer we can sort out payment afterwards. Try to stick to your rental time it makes life easier for us here at Manly Sailing.

Parking in Manly can be difficult there are a few council car parks nearby and most streets have 2 hours of free parking. Best option is getting the ferry in and walking over to Manly Sailing.

Every kayaker gets a safety demonstration and short paddling lesson before heading out, if you are still unsure speak to one of our instructors before heading out. We have a calm safe water area just outside the Yacht Club where you can build your confidence.

When you are out on the water there is always a chance of splashing, if you are heading to the beach swimming gear would be best.

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