Kids sailing is serious fun!

Sailing is a wonderful way to get children out in the fresh air and learning a new skill. It’s participating in a sport that is both a team and individual.  Learning to sail presents vast amounts of life skills and lessons. It teaches teamwork, engineering, patience, concentration, meteorology and more. In today’s technology based world, sailing provides an amazing opportunity for school children to find balance, reconnect with nature, and stay active.

Sailing is also a fantastic way to build a good work ethic in children, as it’s physically and mentally challenging. It’s a perfect bonding experience, we love watching the conversation and laughter flowing as the children encourage and support each other. Finally, sailing instils a sense of adventure. Sailboats are safe, but they are also a ticket to the wild unknown.

Our children’s courses are designed to provide a fun, safe and enjoyable introduction to small boat sailing.  We teach them fundamental boat handling skills and essential knowledge. Thist will allow them to know the freedom of sailing small boats, teach them a new skill, build their confidence and water awareness. All under the guidance of our Instructors.

Kids Sailing courses
kids sailing courses - teenagers

Junior Term Time Programs

Our Junior Sailing Courses take children age of 7 and up, from the beginning in their journey through to level 3 where they will be able to confidently handle and race a small boat on their own. Our focus is to teach children how to sail in a fun safe environment, giving them the skills to enable them to get out on the water sailing. Truly a diverse sport for life.

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Youth Term Time Programs

There are lots of options for older children, even if they are new to sailing. Our Youth Sailing Courses have options for joining the level 2 and level 3 O’PEN Skiff courses, Manly Sailing Cup (if you already have experience), or keelboat courses.

Sailing is great hobby to learn. It also opens up a whole community of like minded people that are love the water and are keen to share their passion.

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Sailing School Programs

Manly Sailing is located at Manly Yacht Club and operates under Australian Sailing teaching methods. We only hire experienced Australian Sailing instructors all of whom have WWCC, and extensive experience teaching children and teenagers of different abilities. The core objective of our business is to provide safe and progressive teaching to children and teenagers, and offer them skills with endless horizons.

We offer a number of different packages for schools, ranging from weekly lessons spanning across the school term, or one-off lessons and workshops. We’re also very happy to talk to you about your school’s individual needs, and customise a program to suit you.

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kids sailing courses

Kids Sailing & Adventure Holiday Camps

Get out of the house and out in the fresh air. Join a holiday camp and sail, try your hand at windsurfing, or see if you can win a game of kayak football or two.

Birthday Parties

We can help you give the kids a birthday to remember. Sailing dinghies or keelboats, windsurfing, kayaking, floating pontoons, beach games and much more.


What happens after the course is finished?

So many options for you! Continue developing your skills and racing at Manly Sailing Cup, join the keelboat program and put your skills to use on a larger boat, join the Manly Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program… or perhaps do all of these options and maximise your time on the water!

Manly Sailing supports the Manly Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program and encourages children who have completed a Level 3 Course and wish to continue sailing O’PEN Skiffs to join the program to further their skills. The Manly Yacht Club Junior program runs regular weekend training and racing opportunities with qualified instructors who are supported by MYC Juniors Parents. More information can be found at

What you need to know

  • Kids ages – between 7 and 17 years of age (varies based on program)
  • Whats supplied? – all safety equipment, boats and instructors
  • What do you need? – You don’t need to buy any special equipment
  • What will the kids learn – boat handling skills that will allow them to sail small boats, build their confidence and water awareness
  • Swimming level required – children participating in our camps and dinghy courses should be able to swim. We supply lifejackets which they are required to wear
  • Active Kids Provider – Parents, guardians and carers of school children can apply for a $100 voucher to use for sport fees

How much fun kids can have at our camps!