Manly Sailing Cup

Social Sailing Races

The Manly Sailing Cup is a social race evening, all about having fun and learning to race. It is for sailors who have completed level 2 and have been approved by an instructor.

The Manly Sailing Cup consists of 8 race nights with a sausage sizzle for juniors and parents to enjoy afterwards.

The Manly Sailing Cup is being offered at a low $350 for the term and $250 if combined with another term time course. We are trying to make the event as big and as affordable as possible.

Contestants need to arrive at 4:00pm when they will be briefed on the course, conditions, etc before rigging their boats and heading out to race.

After the race join us for a free sausage sizzle and prizes 6pm onwards!

Download Sailing Instructions

2020 Term 4 Series Result

Boat NameRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7TOTAL
16ft bic[2]1210.510.56
Unsinkable II0.50.50.52[3]216.5
Runaway taxi II3210.5[14]0.5310
A bic slow43345[11]423
Just magic[10]771023938
Breaking wind645315[15]639
SS. Kaa1368965[15]47
Knot Shore118106114[15]50
In the water[13]10107771152
I’m alright1356111213[15]60
Speed Demon1310101289[15]62
Bananna Boat II131010121012[15]67
Bananna Boat13101012914[15]68
Das Boot710101215[15]1569

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