Four Secret Beaches

Store Beach

Store beach can only be accessed by water, meaning it feels very tranquil with barely any crowds. This beautiful spot is one of our favourites, nestled amongst the bushes and rocks. It’s worth packing a picnic and spending some time relaxing here.

Collins Flat Beach

Collins Flat Beach is nestled between Little Manly Cove and North Head. With beautiful harbour views and its own waterfall, this little beach feels serene. If you’re feeling brave, you can make the jump from the rock into the water. This hidden spot is also a habitat for fairy penguins, so keep a look out!

Quarantine Beach

Named after the old Quarantine Station, which operated from 1828-1984, this spot is steeped in history and also makes up part of the Sydney Harbour National Park. Land access to the beach is possible, but the water surrounding the beach is usually so clear and pristine that it’s worth accessing via the water. You can take a tour of the old Quarantine Station from here, followed by a swim once you’ve had your dose of culture and history! 

Little Manly

This beautiful spot is located in the heart of Manly. You can visit the new cafe and enjoy a refreshing drink or snack, then try out the swimming area popular with locals. These swimming pools are quite unique to Sydney and very enjoyable on the hot days. This special beach is a great community beach and worth visiting.