See-through crystal kayak hire

Private Hire – you can hire our clearview kayaks from 1 hour to all day!  Before you head out our crew will offer a short paddling demonstration and safety briefing, along with showing you a map of the area for the best sight seeing spots, secluded beaches and more.

What you need to know

You may get splashed so dress accordingly, we recommend wearing shoes when in the kayak as there may be some walking involved. You can go barefoot if you would like. There are changing rooms you are welcome to use on site, so feel free to bring a towel and a spare change of clothes. You are welcome to bring a water bottle and snacks. We recommend sunscreen, hat and sunglasses for those warm Manly days.


We hire our crystal kayaks from 9am to 5pm everyday.

Kayaks are picked up and dropped off at Manly Sailing in Manly Yacht Club.

We will provide a map that shows you the most scenic routes and the best beaches to visit.

Children between 4 and 8 go with one adult in a single kayak or with two adults in a double
Children 8-10 years of age can head out on a double with one adult
Children 10+ can head out on their own but with adult supervision

If you are having a great day out on the water and wish to come back later give us a call and we will see what we can do (Dry bags for your phone can be bought or hired before you head out). If you do stay out longer we can sort out payment afterwards. Try to stick to your rental time it makes life easier for us here at Manly Sailing.

Parking in Manly can be difficult there are a few council car parks nearby and most streets around have 2 hours of free parking. Best option is getting the ferry or public transport in and walking over to Manly Sailing. If you head in via Ferry visit our new ticket booth in the wharf to lock in your rental.

Every kayaker gets a safety demonstration and short paddling lesson before heading out, if you are still unsure speak to one of our friendly instructors who are happy to help and give advice. We have a calm safe water area just outside the Yacht Club where you can build your confidence.

When you are out on the water there is always a chance of a splash, if you are heading to a beach wear swimming gear.

Each Kayak will have a Dry Bag to use, you take your belongings out at your own risk. You are welcome to leave all other belongings in our secure office.


  • 1 hour hire: $35 (single), $55 (double)

  • 2 hour hire: $55 (single), $90 (double)

  • 3 hour hire: $65 (single), $110 (double)

  • 4 hour hire: $75 (single), $120 (double)

  • 5 hour hire: $85 (single), $130 (double)

  • 6 hour hire: $95 (single), $140 (double)

  • 7 hour hire: $105 (single), $150 (double)

  • 8 hour hire: $110 (single), $155 (double)

Snorkel and Mask Hire

With Kayak hire: $15

Without kayak hire: $20

Dry bag purchase: $29.95

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