Resources to encourage your children to put down their devices and play outside

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A TV or tablet might provide your child’s favourite form of entertainment, but as a parent, you probably wish they would take a bigger interest in playing outside. There’s nothing wrong with playing a few educational games or occasionally watching programs on TV, but there’s a world of nature out there with so much potential for fun, learning, stimulation, and imagination!

In fact, the dependence on screen-time has become such an issue that the term ‘nature-deficit disorder’ was coined to describe what happens when kids don’t spend enough time outside. But rather than banning screens, we prefer to help kids embrace the outdoors and find creative ways to explore.

The resources below will help you encourage your kids to get off the device and go outside.

Unique Activities for Making the Outdoors More Engaging

Find fun ways for your kids to explore and experience nature.

A Beginner’s Guide to Foraging for Wild Edibles with Kids

24 Things for Kids to Do with Nature on a Woodland Walk

20 Ways to Incorporate More Nature Into Your Daily Life

Adventure Awaits in the Backyard

Your kids don’t have to leave home to immerse themselves in their natural environment.

How to Get Your Kids to Love Nature (Even If You Live in the Burbs)

How to Safely Observe Wildlife from Your Home

Backyard Science Experiments for Kids

5 Benefits of Playing on a Swing Set for Children

Fun in the Water

Time in and around water can provide your kids with endless opportunities for fun and learning.

Learn How to Sail with Manly Sailing

A Guide to Fishing With Kids

Kayaking with Kids: A Beginner’s Guide

The Best Water Games for Kids and Adults

Keeping Your Kids Safe Outdoors

Learn about some precautions you should take when heading outside with your kids.

10 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe and Happy Outdoors

The Best Ways to Protect Your Kids from Bug Bites This Summer

How Can I Protect My Children from the Sun?

Get Outside: 6 Tips for Children with Allergies

How to Keep Kids Safe on Outdoor Playground Equipment

When they’re given a wide range of fun and unique activities to do outside, your kids may start to see that there’s a better alternative to having screen time all the time. Whatever your kids do outside, make sure you take their safety into consideration so the focus stays on fun.

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