Whats on offer for 2018

In the upcoming sailing season, Manly Sailing will be expanding its lessons for children and teenagers. Moving forward, we would like to transform Manly Sailing from a sailing school, into a sailing community! We are excited to introduce new events and opportunities, such as the first Manly Sailing Racing Series.

The Racing Series will be open to all ages and will be judged on a handicap basis, allowing every contestant an equal opportunity to get their name engraved on the Manly Sailing Cup. Whilst the racing may bring out our sailors’ competitive streaks, there will also be a chance to relax and enjoy a sausage sizzle after the race. What better way to spend your afternoon, and wash away the worries of the classroom!

We will be continuing with the Level 1 and Level 2 courses, but will also be introducing a more advanced course at Level 3. This will be aimed at those sailors who have progressed through the early levels and are ready to build upon their technique and hone their skills.

Our adult sailing lessons are currently on hold while Manly Sailing is in exciting discussions with the charity ‘Soldier On’. In partnership with the charity, we are looking forward to acquiring an Elliott 7. This will be used for the charitable programs, and will also be available for use in our adult sailing programs. We’re looking forward to customising some exciting new adult sailing programs once this is up and running.

No matter your skill level or experience, there will be a lesson for you!