3 day camp

We really believe that outdoor activities are good for kids and taking the kids sailing out on the water makes it even better as they get fresh air and learn new skills at the same time. Another important thing is that they make new friends as they are having lots of fun and that is just a few reasons to why we run sailing camps during the school holidays.

We asked the kids and their parents what they liked most about the camp and we are very happy with the response that we got. Overall, everyone seemed to really enjoy the sailing experience itself, as well as the games that we organised out on the water. Many of the kids also said that they thought it was fun with the capsizing as well as the turtling training, which we are happy to hear as we are trying our best to make the kids feel safe out on the water and such exercises are good to prepare the kids for future sailing experiences.

Also, we want to thank all the kids and parents for the great response we got in regard to our instructors. We are always trying our best to engage with the kids and get to know them as we teach them new skills and to hear that the team is well organised, lovely, enthusiastic and professional is just amazing. Lastly, we want to thank everyone who came to the camp and we really look forward to seeing some of you around for the 10 weeks course that started last week.