Wow, what a start of the new year!

We’ve had more than a hundred kids joining us between three 3-day camps this month. The response that we got from the kids were that they really enjoyed learning to sail, including theory and exercises such as rigging, derigging, capsizing, turtling, follow the leader etc. and most important of all, they made so many new friends which is so fun for us to see!

This time, we decided to offer two camps depending on the kids previous sailing experience. The intention was to challenge the more experienced kids and further develop their skills. In that way, our professional instructors could plan different activities for the groups and teach them according to their abilities. We thought the concept worked out well, so we’re planning to run the upcoming camps during the Easter Holidays with the same structure.

The camps were very popular this time so we recommend that you book in for the next camp in advance:
April 15-17
April 22-24