Fun, Exciting & Adventurous

As a parent, you probably recognise yourself in the parental situation when your kids are growing too quickly and suddenly they are not interested in playgrounds, outdoor activities and games anymore and you are feeling confused how to engage them from here. Because if we don’t take action and give the kids a push in the right direction at this stage, they might end up spending hours in front of their laptops or smart phones and that is just not ideal for anyone’s health.

At that time, many of you are probably thinking of things that you could do to prevent certain behaviour and we honestly think that finding a hobby is a great solution. Possibly, your child had a passion for a hobby in an earlier age but aren’t doing it anymore for some reason or your child is feeling lost and is not actually sure what to do in the afternoon’s now when summer comes around.

Finding a hobby is important not just for kids and teens, but also for adults. We humans are meant to stay active and there are so many activities out there for us to try. We believe that it is especially important for teenagers to feel passionate about something and therefore, we are trying our best to provide fun and exciting experiences for all ages. We simply feel that Teens might need guidance and a push in order to find a passion!

So, if you have a teen between 13-18 years old, Manly Sailing offers “Learn to Sail” courses for Teenagers where our experienced instructors will teach new skills, while the teens are enjoying their time out on the water. Remember, it is not just all about sailing as a sport, it is also about making new friends and having fun!

Give us a call on (02) 9977 4000 or send us an email to to check availability and to enrol.