This past month we welcomed two eager students to become sailors. They are chasing a dream – one that impacts their future.

Their story:

“Our sailing dream started when we were sitting in a marina one day and looking at the yachts. We thought, “that would be a nice life!” Our mind was made up and we decided to look into ways to accomplish this. Thanks to Manly Sailing we now are so much closer to achieving our dream of retiring and living on a boat.

In the beginning, we didn’t know where to start. We phoned Manly Sailing and they steered us in the right direction (no pun intended!)

On their advise, we enrolled in the online and practical courses needed. We completed the online crew, skipper and radio courses in advance and hopped on a plane to Sydney to completed the practical part at Manly Sailing over the course of 2 weeks.

Our journey started with the 2 day helming course, which taught us the fundamental basics of sailing and crewing. With the essential knowledge gained, we continued onto our IYT Crew Course. It was 4 days on a monohull and we learnt everything we needed to know plus more to be competent crew. After 6 days of learning and practicing, we took a short break for a couple days. Not long afterwards, we found ourselves back on the 24ft keelboat for half a day to revisit the basics. This was so helpful! Continuing, we moved onto our 4 day skipper course and learned on both a monohull and a catamaran. Sydney Harbour was a great place to learn as it is so busy and helps to solidify the “rules of the road”. It also has all of the cardinal markers in one area which is rare to see and helpful for learning.

The Manly Sailing crew were so friendly, professional, helpful, and made the course enjoyable. The instructors were amazing, extremely talented, and experienced individuals. They made us feel relaxed and taught us everything we needed to know. After receiving our Bareboat Skipper certifications we can safely and competently sail a boat of our own. We learnt to sail and all that comes with it; navigation, plotting a course on a chart, sailing in the dark, all the emergency procedures, docking, anchoring, mooring, and so many other things.

Upon returning back home, we have purchased a small sailing boat of our own to keep practicing our skills until we can retire and purchase our catamaran that we plan to live on.”

Does this sound like a dream of yours? Let us help you make it a bit more of a reality. Check out our Start Crewing and IYT certification courses!

Bruce Janine and Owen Solace
Bruce dinghy